Reach, new market!

Sorry about that, all my posts are around the same: Reach, the obsession that overflows my last weeks.

With this new regulation one of the things you have to do is create a complex dossier of information with 13 points of different features, tests and scenarios of use that defines a substance. To elaborate this dossier is not easy and neither is cheap.

When you register a substance you need to provide this dossier. Once this dossier is presented the ECHA will validate it. The interesting thing is that this dossier can be valid for you and for other companies that work with the same substance (in the same circumstances).

With it, a company can sell this dossier to other companies or a group of companies can share costs of the common substances. Other new markets! , consulting companies that help you to be Reach compliance, companies that sells you dossiers, new computer solutions for adapting corporate applications for elaborating the Reach reports…

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