Funny situation, the queen of ambiguity

This is the excellent e-mail I have received today about a problem of a project:


we’ve a big problem with the project XXXX.

In module YYY the basis functionality isn’t covered. The users need the possibility to filter on every field. As John (joapen: John belong to my team no to customer’s team) explained that was part of the query tool (what was cancelled in project definition because of the costs) . For us it was not visible that even this basis functionality was cancelled.

The ZZZ department cannot use the module without this filtering function. We need a solution to solve this issue. As an interim solution we discussed with John to insert the Excel export button in every YYY screen. But we are not sure if this will run fast enough in practice.

Best regards

Reread the following sentence,

“For us it was not visible that even this basis functionality was cancelled.”

That’s a very good phrase after being 2 months working on a functional analysis specification and a detailed design document. I can remember the person involved in this process investing a lot of hours detailing all activities in detail, with a lot of revisions on site with the client.

And now, during the test phase, we are the ones who are not delivered this functionality.

I love this funny situations, we already have started the change management process.

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