S&P Predictions

The beginning

On August 3rd 2018 I wrote about some behaviors of S&P. These behaviors and my desire to develop reports to understand trends at monthly level took me to draw this figure the same day:

How things happened in the calendar

At the end of August I took the decision that I was going to sell the majority of my positions. I did it.

In September I was astonished with the defiance to gravity of the market and a little bit pissed-off with the trend.

Now in October, specially in the second half of the month, I have seen how this has been evolving. The Q3 closing reports seemed to be the flutter of the butterfly that changed the trend.

The feeling

It’s just a graphic, it’s just a figure, it’s just a coincidence, but I’m happy about all I learned to be able to draw it.

Update November 23rd 2018

Update December 22nd 2018

Update January 2nd 2019

Update March 14th 2019

Update April 3rd 2019

Program management skills

Reading the Standard for Program Management book and other sources of data for program management I found something interesting about the skills that a program manager has to have.

You will find in the main lists of skills things like:

  • Communications skills,
  • stakeholders engagement skills,
  • leadership skills,
  • change management skills,
  • Leading with ambiguity,
  • analytical skills,
  • integration skills,

To me the last one “integration skills” is the more important one in the initiation phase of a program. The ability to abstract at program level, having the program picture, its dependencies, project initiatives involved in the process, project components and how to integrate them is one of the most important skills to be able to manage a program.

Without this, the other things are useless.

How do you eat an elephant? cutting in pieces and then in slices.