My Readings

I have a folder in feedly called “daily, and these are the main things I read:

Bits or pieces?, I’m very visual person and I like to draw all concepts; in addition I love to learn about strategy and Simon Wardley offers a lot of interesting information about strategy, tactics, myths….

Horses for Sources, I like the analysis about global business services, digital transformation and outsourcing. I assist to some of the web events and I read so much from this place. I have also read some of the blueprint reports and are gold for me.

Both sides of the table , I learn a lot about start-ups, how the teams and the entrepreneurs behaves, how they think fast, act fast and compete. The competition in the start-up arena is so tough, and Mark Suster talks about all aspects of it.

Herding Cats, I read this blog since 2008 and I still do it, because Glen B. Alleman writes about so many aspects of programs, the key principles, common mistakes of major programs, program organization models. The documentation he shares in SlideShare is invaluable.

Enrique Dans blog, which contains a regular review of relevant news adding always the perspective of innovation in his articles.

Inc. , ideas, news, all related to start-ups.

Business Insider, news about corporations, specially related to manufacturing, banking and digital marketing.

Jot Down Cultural Magazine, a very well written articles about culture, economy, sport…

Any other suggestion?

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