Developing with MDS Studio

Before to work with the WSDL of my application I deployed a simple Web Service. It’s so useful to learn how the tool organizes the code.

If you don’t want to do it, at least before to change the work flow of the final user, be sure to know how the MDS Studio organizes the different elements of a project.

Basically there are screens, messages and scripts. For each public routine of your Web service, MDS Studio builds:

  • A data source for each data source used in the WSDL.
  • 2 messages: a request and a response of this routine.
  • 2 screens: one to request the parameters in order to call the public routine and other to show the result of the call.
  • 2 scripts: one to submit a call to the message and other to show the information returned by the public routine. Take account that other general scripts are created in each project: onError, onExit
  • Global variables: one for each parameter and one for each result of the routines.

In order to implement the blackberry application in a proper way it’s a good idea to respect the deployed architecture proposed by MDS Studio. It will help you to separate model, view and controller. 🙂

On the other hand, the installation requests 1 GB RAM. Believe me, it’s true.