Mobile + solar charger = no more cables?

I have no money to do it and taking into account the speed of the evolution of the technology I suppose all companies are already working on it.

I mean about the number of cables we have at home for the mobile phone. I don’t change my mobile phone a lot, but I have had four ones and all of them had their own different charger.

Last time my girlfriend was in China she took a present for me: a solar charger with an USB connection.

I’m so happy with it because I can charge a lot of things with the USB 2.0 connection (shit, somebody invented USB 3.0 so more cables to the drawer).

But, what if we have a mobile phone with the solar charger panel in the backside and we substitute the phrase:

“…I’m charging the mobile phone…”


“…the mobile phone is sunbathing…”

Please call me when it happens. If it already happened please let me know where!!

When you want to review things you cannot understand

We are involved in a project with a weird set of requirements: customer insist on approving all technical documents involved in the project.

Ok, no problem, we have adapted the project plan to deliver them and allow them to check it. If you are able to check it, we have not problem to adopt this approach.

Functional analysis and technical analysis has not been a problem, they were able to review it, to understand it and to provide some feedback about the functionality. Everything approved and we go ahead with next phase: design.

Last week we delivered first 2 design documents, and they still are not approved. Why not? Let’s review some background,

The client teams are composed by a project manager that is not specialized in .NET activities and the end users core team are chemicals that in the past used to develop applications in Visual Basic (this is the reason to be involved in the core team).

I was waiting this point, the project manager was so surprised about this event, but I was waiting for it.

My point of view seeing the people who compose the project team from the customer side is that they have to use the technical and the functional requirements as the maps to go through the application development. It’s supposed they delegate this development to an external company because they don’t need to have this knowledge in their staff.

The good thing was that the RACI matrix was done in the planning phase, so now is easy to identify who should do this. Let’s see how the communications go,

(Astorga, León, Spain)