Working on Search engine optimization (SEO)

I’m trying to work on the search engine optimization (SEO). I found 2 links and I have followed some of its recommendations. It has worked a lot, now Google finds it with the main key words of the business.

  1. Posicionar Web:
  2. Zona Libre:

The activities I have done:

1.- Validate the URI. I started with 8 errors and now I obtain a green light: “This document was successfully checked as XHTML 1.0 Transitional!”

2.- Add a sitemap.xml file. Before to do this I found the way to check that all links were properly included in this sitemap. (limited to 500 entries) (unlimited)

3.- Add a robots.txt file,

4.- Add the web to DMOZ directory:

5.- Add the web to Google directory: (it’s no longer available, Google closed it). But you can use this URL accessing from your gmail account, and then do a request to add it:

6.- Add your web site to bing:

7.- Take care of all the metatags of the web.

8.- Check the quality of the page, with clear suggestions about what to do (the  best one for me):

9.- Check tool for keywords density:

10.- Complete SEO Analysis Tool:

11.- Other good SEO analysis, screens, directories…. :

Updates from 2014:

12.- Other good SEO analysis, screens, directories:

13.- Test Performance:

14.- Check how the web is shown in different web browsers (19 different browsers):

15.- You can write “cache:www…….” and you can see what Google is caching.

16.- SEO Chat , very good to perform an analysis of the keyword density.

17.- used to look for key words suggestions.

Updates from 2015:

18.- Search Metrics, for competitive analysis:

19.- Soovle, to find short tail and long tail words:

20.- Shopify did a tool to grade your store