Service renewal battlecard

During these months I face the service renewal activities.

This summary list just tries to review the concepts to be taken into account during these discussions.

A) In general take into account:

  1. The previous year consumption.
  2. The previous year major activities.
    1. Strengths
    2. Weaknesses
    3. Opportunities
    4. Threads
  3. The business challenges for next year.
B) Highlight added value,
  1. Why is this service worth doing?
  2. What are the consequences of not doing this service?
  3. What are the major risks associated with doing the service?

C) The minimum conditions for a service,

In general the balance Service & Budget has to be feasible and affordable:

The services has to be sized in terms of:

  • Availability: 12 months, 
  • Service Level Agreement,
  • Continuity,
  • Team behind the service has a minimum set of characteristics they have to achieve:
    • Functional knowledge,
    • Technical knowledge.
    • Real expected time response.

2010 SPS Farm Report

A tool to remind, the 2010 SharePoint Server Farm Report tool provides you information available that helps you to understand the complete configuration of your farm.

From the link:

“This is a 64-bit executable that relies on .NET Framework 3.5. This assembly can only run on x64 Windows operating systems where SharePoint Foundation 2010, SharePoint Server 2010, and/or Project Server 2010 is installed and configured using psconfig.”

“It references the microsoft.sharepoint.dll and the powershell interface through It is recommended that you use IE to view the generated output and then optionally enable scripts.”