Let managers to manage

Micromanagement is still so much present in organizations, this is something that sometimes I forget because it’s so much weird to me that way of managing major deals.

I have seen people affected by micromanagement, careers progression cut, people under sick leave….

and the micro-manager complaining about the lack of time s/he has!

let-managers-to-manageDon’t do it!

Communications curve

Attending a Program Executive course where communications with customer and with internal teams was discussed. So many concepts were reviewed about efficient communication and how to plan and execute it.

This complex discipline that you need to practice everyday, independently of the talent you have. Set a clear goal, understanding of the audience, measure the momentum of the organization, and evaluate the real impact of your actions….

Communication-curveAbout feedback and impact of communications, we reviewed this survey that generated a good discussion with the people attending the course.

Communications-surveyYou can find other interesting information here: http://leaderchat.org/