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Map or Die

“Map or Die” comes from “skate or die” attitude that was so much popular at the end of 80s. Skaters where considered cool people that took physical risks to execute tricks. They take personal exposure trying to overcome their limits.

Mapping is a risky exercise where you have personal exposure in front of other people. If you are mapping in an organization and you are exposing situations where others are “politically affected”, then you are probably taking personal risks on your job.

You will not be the first mapper losing her/his job. So you have to decide (independently if you use maps or not) what is the attitude you will have when working on a business initiative.

I am creating a collection of products for mappers. You can do it yourself with the many on demand printing services available across the world. I do it for fun.

“Skate or Die!” is originally a videogame released by Electronic Arts (EA) in 1987 for the Commodore 64. Do you feel old? I do.

Mapping is a cool exercise for the mind, and it generates great conversations, have fun!

Greetings, JoaquĆ­n

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