Domino.doc API

Today I had the opportunity to work with Domino.doc API due to an enhancement in a migration tool. The understanding of the API relationship is easy. The main amount of objects are implemented as collections so you only have to use the basic methods available for collections. After that, when you reach the ddoc object … Read more

Intalio BPMS Designer, not enough

Finally I don’t find a real reason to use Intalio BPMS Designer instead Microsoft Visio. I suppose that if you buy the whole license you have a good list of features that justify the use of this tool but now I just can draw! Now I’m asking about Enterprise Architect. It’s supposed this tool provide … Read more

Lotus Quickr

Now it’s available Lotus Quickr in Lotus Greenhouse. It’s defined like the fastest way to share everyday content across connected teams. Shared content libraries: You can share content in Lotus Quickr libraries, and access that content from desktop applications. Team places: Create online places with provided templates. Connectors to popular applications: Use connectors to interact … Read more