100 days plan for creating a Lean Portfolio

Context You are in an organization where you are driving different initiatives and they are being approved in silos, without having a strategic view about where each one of these initiatives are going on. Better understanding of the ROI of the investment is required, to keep the pace of construction is desired, understand there is … Read more

From mess to an organized environment

The work on organizations can be sometimes a completely mess. I’m working on an initiative to turn this “mess” into a more organized and efficient delivery. The basic approach we are following is: To have a clear, complete and detailed organizational chart. Understand what are the governance rules defined by contract with the customer. Define … Read more

100 days plan for strategic alignment

I was recently asked about how to plan an strategic alignment between business and IT initiatives, where there should be a focus on the: Follow-up and efficiency of projects initiatives. Track of benefits realization. Portfolio plan where we all can understand the dependencies of the IT projects and impacts on business. Improve the level of … Read more

Talaia, Open PPM

This product came to my inbox: http://www.talaia-openppm.com It’s aligned with PMI. You can integrate it with Redmine. It does not store documents, you need to use a separate repository. It does not cover the scheduling capabilities as MS-Project. Covers the needs of so many roles in an organization, not just Project Managers: Portfolio Manager. Functional … Read more

Corporate performance management (CPM)

Corporate performance management (CPM) builds on a foundation of business intelligence, according to key performance indicators such as revenue, return on investment, overhead, and operational costs and is the crucial capability by which to monitor and manage an organisation’s performance. According to Gartner: “CPM is an umbrella term that describes the methodologies, metrics, processes and … Read more

Program and Portfolio Management evolution

In the portfolio of solutions and services we provide program and project management team plays an important role in the organization. Basically the project managers and the PMO team is providing governance to the whole execution of projects through the execution of processes and the projects itself. We started an improvement plan to evolve about … Read more

New portfolio, new challenges

I took a new portfolio of accounts and services within a team of 8 account managers. The nature of the services/projects and the fact we are covering 4 industries and more than 70 customers makes the environment very diverse. My main challenges for the first 3 months are: Evaluate the financial situation of each account. … Read more

IT Portfolio manager, role and responsibilities

The role Monitoring and reporting on the various accounts under the portfolio. The primary focus is on the financial management (P & L Owner and Financial Forecasting) of these accounts and the delivery is done aligned successfully (projects, services and customer satisfaction). Enable Growth of Applications business, cross & up sell offerings in existing and … Read more