A memorandum is a note, document or other communication that helps the memory by recording events or observations on a topic, such as may be used in a business office. In the matrix organization where I work is an useful tool for communication, everybody work in their own silos, and sometimes they do not understand … Read more

100 days plan for strategic alignment

I was recently asked about how to plan an strategic alignment between business and IT initiatives, where there should be a focus on the: Follow-up and efficiency of projects initiatives. Track of benefits realization. Portfolio plan where we all can understand the dependencies of the IT projects and impacts on business. Improve the level of … Read more

Communications curve

Attending a Program Executive course where communications with customer and with internal teams was discussed. So many concepts were reviewed about efficient communication and how to plan and execute it. This complex discipline that you need to practice everyday, independently of the talent you have. Set a clear goal, understanding of the audience, measure the … Read more

The use of answering machine

The answering machine is a very powerful tool, you can exert different types of influence with it, or you can commit errors on the communication. You can give a short call with your information and mention the purpose of your call. If there is an issue where you had some e-mails going and coming back, … Read more

It’s easter, we’re closed

Our Application services are very simple in the way they are organized: critical services and key services. The first category are covered 24×7 and 365 days. The second ones are just 8×5 on working days. The rule is simple: what service do you want to pay? just pick one. This year the finance closing period … Read more

A good example of a letter

I have read and re-read this letter a couple of times. For sure to understand it you should have some knowlede about NBA. By the way, 2 days later NBA commisioner denied the trade because “sport reasons” “Commissioner, It would be a travesty to allow the Lakers to acquire Chris Paul in the apparent trade … Read more