Twitter bots

Yesterday I posted a tweet with 5 comments. Around 10 min later, 5 likes, 1 per comment. All comments done by different “Cora” (with 5 to 20 followers each one) Is is common for you guys?

Twitter, recommendation engine approach

Twitter, as any social media environment has a mechanism to decide what content recommends you. Right now, if you are using Twitter and are under “For you” tab, the content shown is recommended by an engine. In the original map I have from Twitter this capability is shown here: The recommendation code will be opened … Read more

Twitter shop

Today I realized you can shop in Twitter: There are 2 main time lines right now in Twitter: The shop is offered when you look for something and there are products offered. Let’s see how these products are shown in other sides of Twitter. More than probably the shopping options will be offered in the … Read more

Twitter’s API restricted

Other move of Twitter related to content & access restriction: the APIs. Popular 3rd party Twitter clients (i.e.: Tweetbot, Twitterrific, Echofon…) stopped working on January 12 Many questions around this move Popular third-party Twitter clients such as Tweetbot, Twitterrific, Echofon, AltTextUtil and AltTxtReminder stopped working at around 11 PM ET on Thursday, January 12. Updated Wardley map The different … Read more

Twitter and the common problem of the 30%

In October 2020 I wrote about the payment war in the mobile app ecosystem, where basically a set of companies were fighting against the 2 giants (Apple and Google) about the payments to be done for every payments done from applications managed by their store. Now in 2022, Twitter creates a “check” with an initial … Read more

Virtual mapping conversation about Twitter

John Grant challenge the Wardley Map community to use an architecture diagram shared by E. Musk. The challenge was to Map Twitter’s architecture diagram from different perspectives. To me this is the second time I stop to think about this. In April, when rumors about the Twitter acquisition were spreading through the news, I did … Read more

Open-source Twitter Intelligence

I continue being curious about OSINT, and I found this project named Open-source Twitter Intelligence in GIT Hub . It’s a set of code that do scraping on Twitter without using Twitter’s API, allowing you to scrape a user’s followers, following, Tweets and more. Apparently Twitter’s API has some limits and this approach avoid them. It’s written in … Read more

Twitter Vs Facebook

Twitter just announced that they are removing the 140 characters for direct messages. To me as user this means they become a clone of Facebook. Which of the main things you do in Facebook cannot be done in Twitter? Facebook did a move adding the possibility of replying to replies, so the replies are more … Read more