Ejercicios de Chi kung

Durante estos 2 años he estado practicando Chi Kung con Eduardo Monteiro. 2 años no es nada en este mundo en el que para ser virtuoso se necesita de talento y décadas de práctica. Para mi memoria quedan esta rutina que me ha ayudado tanto a los hombros y a la espalda, y que practico … Read more

Painting Industry (OEMs)

The industry of the paints is very specialized as all other industries. The painting companies works as Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) distributing their products in different ways and clients. One of the major portion is the set of paints done for big car manufacturers or other industries; where the amount of the purchase orders are … Read more

NBA lock out

I played basketball for so many years and for sure I’m interested in almost all that happens around NBA. Since 10 years ago, more or less, I think the quality of the game has decreased; the way they play the game is spectacular in the aesthetic point of view, but not in the basics, I … Read more

List with latest major Versions

We are working on SharePoint 2010 trying to provide a web part or a list to show only the latest major versions within a document set which is hosted within a document library. For instance if you have this set of documents: document.V.1.0 document.V.1.1 document.V.2.0 document.V.2.1 Then, just document.V.2.0 should be shown. Do you know … Read more

The Jordan rules

I played basketball for so many years, and this book remembered me these days on highschool watching NBA finals. Very interesting book about the NBA backstage.