Sobre la calidad del agua

Hoy vino a casa un comercial de una empresa que vende aparatos de osmosis, con una demostración de electrólisis que trató de persuadirme de lo mala que era mi agua. 152 de TDS es lo que marcaba el aparato que usó para la calidad del agua, versus el agua osmotizada que marcaba 0.04. Encontré una … Read more

Nurturing the Relationship

From the book “Career Upgrade Road-map“, one of the chapters talks about the way to nurture the relationship with the people you are targeting. Once you have a meeting with someone, a good rule of thumb is to make the conversation 80% about them and 20% about you. Your goal is to be able to … Read more

10 ideas to organize you EA

This article written by Mckensey is so much useful, read it, do not read my summary; the list below is just for my memories. The summary is, companies do not agree on what is the main focus in Enterprise Architecture (EA) management. Some companies are focused on continually measuring IT performance and adjusting business processes … Read more

Rudnitsky sales playbook

Business insider reminds us these useful rules that appear in the book behind the cloud; these are the 11 sales rules from David Rudnitsky: “Think BIG, Have Attitude”: Think big (dollars and scope), not just the immediate opportunity in front of you. Behave as if your company is big, even if it’s not. Salesforce’s average … Read more

Behavioral attributes on program management

Cranfield University did a research related to behavioral attributes of the leaders when working on programs. The summary table of this research is added to the Managing Successful Programs book. Attitude and aptitudes of leaders are summarized in a scale from 1 to 4, where 4 represents more awareness and capacity to lead the complexity … Read more

The equation of change

I like these type of pictures, they are so clear and synthesize the whole thing. Update March 2018 I have been using this picture during the last 8 months where I have been assigned on a SWAT action. The program I was working on had a strong intertia on the “way the things are done”, … Read more


We all never know enough about security, so spending a little time looking over this website is always good. It’s common to listen a lot of news about security alerts in the form of newly found vulnerabilities. DataLossDB has been around for a long time as the data they hold testifies, it is a record … Read more

CV format, what is the right one?

The preference about the format, and the content of the CV is something that depends on the person reading it. Each recruiter has its preferences. Recruiters receive tonnes of CVs and they discard them quickly. This becomes more complex when you learn that some recruiters do not like CVs. A realistic scenario could be: Received … Read more

1$ & 5 minutes technique

“I need 1 dollar and 5 minutes of your time, please if you want to support me let me know” This is the sign I posted on Facebook to try to attract people to this Kickstarter campaign I’m supporting. Once people let a comment on the entry I was sending an individual e-mail explaining the … Read more

Tim Woods

I have just learned this mnemonic to remind the eight kinds of waste defined in Lean Six Sigma: “TIM WOODS”. T          Transport: Moving people, products & information I          Inventory: Storing parts, pieces, documentation ahead of requirements M         Motion: Bending, turning, reaching, lifting W         Waiting:  For parts, information, instructions, equipment O          Overproduction:  Making more than is … Read more