T3 framework

February was the month of Prestashop and March seems to be the month of Joomla 3.2 and templates aligned with the new trends. I know, I’m a little bit late. T3 Framework will be the starting point. http://t3-framework.org/

Upgrade Joomla 2.5 to 3.0

If you were working on Joomla 1.5 and tried to do the upgrade to 2.5, I’m sure you remember the big fiasco that the upgrade was. Joomla team promised a decent upgrade to the next one. So here we are. I have followed the steps to upgrade, and this is my personal experience.Till here, easy. … Read more

Font-face web

I want to remind this fabulous place where you can find all type of web fonts: 1001 fonts. In my case to implement this one: @font-face { font-family: Oswald; src: url(‘/fonts/Oswald-Regular.ttf’) }  

Menu for Joomla, M4J

A place to remind, M4J offers you the opportunity to generate the look & feel of your own menu. You install the module and the component. After that you only have to create the look&feel entries with all type of possibilities.

Joomla, Ozio Gallery

The main problem I have found with other photo galleries is the time response. http://www.opensourcesolutions.es/en/ext/ozio-gallery.html#1 Ozio Gallery, finds the answer: store the images in a cloud space that offers good time response (in this case google), and visualize it on your web with this gallery. You will have good time response, save storage, but will … Read more

Joomla, my experience 3 years later

I started using Joomla 3 years ago. First year, I decided using Joomla, the main reasons were: the community behind it, the capacity to have modules on top of a core engine that worked in a very stable way. It took me a while to understand how it worked, how to manage it and how … Read more

Joomla, Magictab plugin

Some notes about how to configure this plug-in published by GreatJoomla. 1) Install Core Design Scriptegrator plugin: www.greatjoomla.com/extensions/plugins/c…tegrator-plugin.html 2) Install Magic Tabs plugin: www.greatjoomla.com/extensions/plugins/c…gic-tabs-plugin.html 3) Publish both of extensions. 4) Open article to editation. 5) Insert the following notation to article: {magictabs}Tab 1 :: Text 1 |||| Tab 2 :: Text 3 |||| Tab 3 :: Text … Read more

Joomla module, ACYMailing

Other discovery done this Saturday afternoon, ACYmailing. It manages subscriptions, newsletters, users subscribed and add so many configuration items that turns this module to an useful tool. Reviewing the functionality in detail, this tool reminds to me to the old times when working on a solution in Lotus Notes to implement these communication processes. Doing … Read more

Joomla, module Sot Article Thumbnail Slide

I found this place that publishes some good joomla modules: http://www.skyoftech.com/demo/joomla1.5/module-sot-article-thumbnail-slide.html   The one I like is module Sot Article Thumbnail Slide, simple with good configuration and cheap.