Guidance to a Manufacturing Operations Lead

Context Manufacturing operations lead that is overloaded by lack of planning on the evolution of his own role in a scenario of fast growth. Purpose Provide guidance about how to identify, and decide how to articulate his responsibilities in the fast growing scenario they have. Results Provide basic knowledge on Wardley Mapping:

IT support evolution from standard to luxury support

Context IT service company that provides products and services on the products. Purpose Understand the concrete actions to promote the service support that is rated by the customers as standard to a top or first class support (luxury). Results The analysis of the service given us the confirmation that there were basic disconnection between the … Read more

Go to market guidance

Context Technological company defining in deep the go to market strategy: defining the types of potential customers, definition of each buyer persona and the complexity of the decision making process. Purpose Provide guidance and support using Wardley Mapping, using the meaning that the distance between components and visibility within the user (buyer) the value chain … Read more

Training workshops

Context Wardley Mapping starts to gain some traction in popularity and there is few training options on the market. The learning curve reading Simon´s book (Topographical intelligence in business) is slow and not everybody is interested on the whole Wardley Mapping. There are many people interested on learning how to draw a map. Purpose Create … Read more

Guidance to Finance director

Context Finance director that is new in the role and the industry demands a way to gain good understanding of the details of the business with different departments of the company. Purpose Provide basic knowledge on Wardley Mapping: Results An initial training course was provided to understand the basis: theory and basis of practice drawing. … Read more

Mapas LLC References

Dear customer, Thank you for your interest in our products and services. We understand that, as a potential customer, you may be curious about our track record and the experiences of our existing customers. However, we regret to inform you that we do not have any customer references on our website. This is because one … Read more

Guidance to a Small company cEO

Context Small company lead by a person with very reduced knowledge of IT which has 3 administrative people working with old software that is legacy and hardware that is required to be replaced. Some main pain points are clear: Purpose Understand what are the alternatives to upgrade the hardware, the software and the way the … Read more

Mapas LLC, services

The services provided by Mapas are focused on providing consulting services and support, as well as leveraging the company’s expertise and knowledge to develop additional products and services that meet the needs of clients in a variety of industries. The main services provided by Mapas are: What services are not provided by Mapas In alignment … Read more

Mapas LLC, clients

Overall, our clients include businesses and organizations that are operating in rapidly changing markets, and are looking to gain a competitive advantage through data-driven insights and strategic guidance. This includes:

Mapas LLC. Value proposition

Overall, the value proposition of Mapas is to provide clients with the insights and guidance needed to thrive in a rapidly changing business environment, using data-driven insights and customized solutions to help organizations achieve their goals. This includes: