Product solution fit and Market product fit

These 2 concepts are different and it’s important to understand the details when working on the development of a product. Product-Solution Fit is an earlier stage than Product-Market Fit. Product-Solution Fit It refers to the point where a product has been developed with features that solve specific problems for users. At this stage, the focus … Read more

Digital Transformation blueprint

The digital transformation journey is complex and you can easily lose yourself looking for alternatives and going back and forth without results. What is what we call “digital”? Let’s start first on what is what everybody calls digital. The business is business and this has not changed, what has changed is the context, and by … Read more

Accelerated Solution Development

I’m working on an initiative that is following a different approach for building capabilities on a business unit. We call it “Accelerated Solution Development”. Major phases If you google it, you will find different similar approaches as this. This one follows the following steps: Discover, Prototype, Pilot, Scale. 1. Discover The objective is to understand … Read more

JAD workshops

Joint application design (JAD) is a process used in the life cycle area of the dynamic systems development method (DSDM) to collect business requirements while developing new information systems for a company. When I started working all you did was to see the business user or the customer and gather requirements, then figure out how … Read more

SAP Business ByDesign

I have had the opportunity during these last weeks to work on a proposal around this solution. This solution is the cloud based ERP for mid-size market, apparently in competition with MS-Dynamics AX solution. Some aspects I would like to remind are: 1.- The Business by Design Configurator tool, The tool is very intuitive … Read more

FEL phase, assessment exercise, project initiation

Some ones call it project initiation, some others assessment exercise or project, some others FEL phase. In any case it’s related to the study, analysis of a business initiative that wants to be translated to IT activities, organizational actions, investment with the purpose of obtaining business value. Since 2 years ago I have been hardly … Read more

Business Needs, where are they?

During these last 2 months I have done 5 proposals, 3 business cases, and some presentations to the customer attending some potential needs they have. The result? Zero contracts. Last week an old database were causing problems on production due to a change on the amount of redundant users they now are enabling. We have a … Read more