I am participating on different forums and some of them are built with this open source software called: Discourse. From usability point of view it’s the best one I am using. It’s not only the look and feel, it’s the sequence of information offered, the access to the already read threads, and many little details … Read more


Boldgrid makes it easy to create beautiful websites on WordPress. The suite of tools and plugins lets you build and manage professional websites. With BoldGrid’s free website builder you can instantly launch WordPress in the cloud and test building out a free fully functional website. BoldGrid is powered by WordPress so you can take your … Read more

Problem with the text editor of WordPress

After one of the WordPress updates I started to have an issue with the text editor. Basically none of the features worked, and after saving a post in plain text the data was deleted. I found a solution on this post: edit the file “wp-config.php” and add a line of code. //previous line if ( … Read more

Free Mind

FreeMind is a free mind-mapping software written in Java that I use to work with. The best thing is that is implemented to render HTML, so when you copy and paste HTML on a map, it will use the tags to organize the different levels of data. http://freemind.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Main_Page  

Farm Bot

This project is interesting to me by 2 reasons, one because I trust on the idea of cultivate your own food and control the quality of what you eat; and second, because this is done in a very innovative way. https://farmbot.io/  

Open Source Frameworks Summary

I have been working on an analysis of different Open Source Frameworks. The criteria used on the analysis was the one commented here. The number of frameworks analyzed is limited, basically I had not time for all it did not make sense for the customer. We did a selection that you can consider good or … Read more

Windows patches

A customer called me today to discuss about software alternatives related to future environment for a shop floor solution they have. We reviewed the main requirements and during the conversation we talked about different major environments. Suddenly we did a stop on .NET, and this was what happened. We are running a shop floor solution … Read more

OpenSource Vs ISO

During the last 10 years the software companies have jumped to the industrialization thanks to some elements that made that possible. One of them is Open Source. Manufacturing companies developed control organisms for the development of methodologies and standards with different goals: reduce costs, have a common language within the industry, and be compliance with … Read more