Payment on tablets

Last week I was in NYC, we stopped to take a real coffee in a small coffee store and I see the payment system they have is a tablet with a credit card reader. I took the coffee and asked the waiter about the application they use. It is Revel, from Revel systems. Offline mode, … Read more

Cover the gap of knowledge

You are an IT guy and you are doing an interview to a candidate, s/he is explaining you all the activities that uses to perform, answering the questions you do, etc. Everything is fine, you do not see any issue and the person explains the aspects in a very good manner. Then the HR person … Read more


I always was curious about Cobol. I manage one easy application with a good team doing service support for a Cobol batch application, so there is not challenge that I was required to face. But with this new customer I’m working they have a big application with the possibility of implementing projects on it and … Read more

Linkedin, lead builder

If you upgrade your linkedin account to one of the sales subscriptions, you will have access to Lead Builder, that allows you to create and save lists of prospects. So, they are also enabling freelance and individual sales people to use linkedin as a CRM solution. You can define search criteria by role, territory… and … Read more

JS FrameWorks

Angular.js, Knockout.js, Backbone.js… Frameworks are like mushrooms, they grow-up and grow-up in all places without control. In some moments of your life you start a project where you have the capacity to decide some high level technical decisions such, What JS framework is the best one for the project situation we have? And then there … Read more

Dancing with procurement

Some notes for reminding when you are dancing with your customer procurement department. This is pure negotiation, there is not IT or project logic at this point. There are conditions and a transaction in place. The customer IT lead that requested you the offer, is not the decision maker for a while. He will be … Read more


There is people that are so demanding with almost everything. I would like to clarify that have not problem with it, I understand we all receive a lot of pressure and demand to deliver in the position of the chain we are; we take that demand, organize it, share it with others and then we … Read more


I was reviewing how the Vistex add on was installed on SAP and I learned a basic information I did not know: SAINT SAP and other companies offer a wide range of add-ons that you can use to enhance your standard SAP system, it can be Industry Solutions, plug-ins, or customer-specific development projects. SAP Add-On … Read more

Doing interviews

Interview people for your teams is not easy thing, specially when you want to enroll someone to your company and is an experience professional. At the end of the day, everything is related to the needs of both sides of the negotiation, but there are so many areas you need to cover in your interview … Read more