South Africa, Cape Town area

This summer vacations were combined with business trip and the causalities made us to change the initial plans by a trip to Cape Town area. The decision was more that good. We enjoyed a very nice vacations discovering an area of a big country with a strong character.

Wild nature in all forms is the main thing you can find there. The road from Swellendam to Oudtshoorn (road R62) is a good example: in 220 kms you will see different type of country side: desert, high mountains, valley with a river covered with a dense vegetation, plain country side with many different animals…

PMP Certification

I passed my PMP exam this month.

I read the PMBoK, I did the virtual led training courses offered by the company I work and I did a lot of exams, reviewing concepts and learning the details of the exam reviewing answers and explanations.

There is a good bunch of exams on the internet, and the more similar ones I found to the exam I did were:

PMP Exam Prep Questions, Answers, & Explanations: 1000+ PMP Practice Questions with Detailed Solutions by Christopher Scordo (4-Nov-2009)– 1600 questions by Christopher Scordo.

Now thinking about the next certification or training course to take. Any suggestion?

MapReduce example

I found in a training course this conceptual example about how MapReduce works.

The sequence of steps is clear: input, splitting, mapping, shuffling and reducing.

I continue gaining basic knowledge of Hadoop, which is at the moment very interesting.