WordPress scans

To have a minimum of security on wordpress the minimum is to keep the environment up to date (majority of updates are security updates), you can scan how secure it is with this library:


Or you can direcly go to a place like this and check it on-line:


There are so many spaces like this that offer short data in the free version and they try to sell you other versions.

Trading tools

There are thousand tools in the market to trade and perform backtesting.

Trading view (https://www.tradingview.com)

It’s very social, they promote people to share their strategies, their findings etc. The difficult thing is to find people who really have the right criteria (this takes a lot of time).

Other detail I love is that you can add indicators from the fundamental analysis.

Meta Trader (download it)

There are so many scripts published on this platform. As a stand alone solution, when you want to draw lines, save tests… it’s more accurate that a web solution.


Talaia, Open PPM

This product came to my inbox: http://www.talaia-openppm.com

  1. It’s aligned with PMI.
  2. You can integrate it with Redmine.
  3. It does not store documents, you need to use a separate repository.
  4. It does not cover the scheduling capabilities as MS-Project.
  5. Covers the needs of so many roles in an organization, not just Project Managers:
  • Portfolio Manager.
  • Functional Manager
  • Resource Manager
  • Investment manager
  • Team member
  • Sponsor
  • PMO

Anecdote: the first version of Talaia was a R&D project founded by Spanish I+D Plan Avanza 2.



Date formats in excel

Just for my memory,

Just in USA the date format is mm/dd/yyyy, the rest of the world uses dd/mm/yyyy. Anyway…

I have excels where I have both formats inherited from links, so I cannot change the source data.

The solution:

=IF(ISNUMBER(Q202);Q202;DATE(RIGHT(Q202;4);LEFT(Q202;FIND(“/”;Q202)-1);MID(Q202;FIND( “/”;Q202 )+1;2)))


Ability to code is a skill that today almost everybody recognize as a very valuable skill that soon will be something that will be mandatory.

Develop this skill as soon as possible is something interesting for those kids that likes computers, tablets and maths. To have the right environment to introduce programming, a IDE an how to interact with it is something key to break the initial barriers of knowledge. In addition, kids don’t work, they play (which is the right thing to do), so it has to be a “game” environment to develop.

How? with Scractch.


Whiteout mail

Awareness about security is always something challenging, and have good habits in this Whiteout.ioarea is important. Mail encryption was always a technical complex issue, but now it seems to be easy for users. The answer is this German company Whiteout.io


Once you install it, you enter your user and generate a PGP key, the first hurdle you find is the way to differentiate between “0” and “O”.

After the installation some useful e-mails are sent to explain you how the public key and the private key use.


Decrypting is slow for the modern life, to open an light e-mail it takes around 1 or 2 seconds, not bad to me.

You will see a “” when the message is encrypted.

The organization of same e-mails in a same line (created by gmail) is not available in Whiteout, so you will see all e-mails from the past ordered in a way that does not make sense to you. This should be improved.

Contacts: if you want to have the contact keys of other users in Whiteout.io you have to import their keys. This will enable encrypted e-mails.

Things that works in a similar way to gmail: Folders,



SLDC tools

For managing the environments on a software development project we all organize environments and tools to automate the update, deployment, organization of the code within the project.

Some of the more popular tools:

  • Eclipse IDE, for writing code.
  • Git, as Source Code Management System (SCM) to enable the developers to manage releases of code, etc
  • Jenkins , it is a continuous integration application server that watches for code changes from multiple developers working on the same code base. It can automatically build and initiate tests of the code changes. It can also roll-back or roll-forward the code changes.
  • Selenium, is a portable software testing framework for web applications. It provides a record/playback tool for authoring tests without learning a test scripting language (Selenium IDE). It also provides a test domain-specific language (Selenese) to write tests in a number of popular programming languages, including Java, C#, Groovy, Perl, PHP, Python and Ruby.