Building Software Platforms

A guide to SaaS transition with AWS, this book written by Pablo Bermejo has been very appropriate to me, I have loved the chapters: Chapter 5, platform adoption Chapter 6, Technical Architecture Principles Chapter 7, Technology Principles I have learned a lot reading it,

NBA players

When we are thinking about the NBA players, we immediately see the man on the stage driving, shooting, guarding and talking to the media. The point is that a NBA player is more than that: they are a company, a brand, and all that needs to be carried on. Basic elements of a player There … Read more

Scaled Agile Frameworks Map

The context of this map is the adoption of different organizational models in the software industry, by enterprises that decide to build instead of buying. When this shift happens they have to build their capabilities, and the way they organize the software construction is one of them. You can say: “you should have written this … Read more

Technical Program Manager

This article is very good in some aspects of definition of this role from the point of view of organizations that are “product” centered. Then there is a problem to me, I have no clue how the author defines “program” (I’m asking about it). The main picture is this one: Amazon Technical Program Manager Some … Read more

Lean Agile Procurement

After attending a PMI webinar about how to improve the time to purchase on companies, I have been reading the Lean Agile Procurement (LAP) site: The LAP approach It’s summarized in this picture: The lean procurement canvas This type of visual tools are always useful to set the big picture, and I have to … Read more

Agile at Tesla

I have been watching this video from Jon Justice in Agile Munich, and I would like to conserve some notes. I have seen some other parts of similar videos, so some notes comes from other sources. Goal How to build hardware in three hours. Notes Limit the number of people in a team (no more … Read more

The Peter principle on basketball players

The Peter Principle The Peter principle states that a person who is competent at their job will earn a promotion to a position that requires different skills or different level of performance. If the promoted person lacks the skills required for the new role, they will be incompetent at the new level, and will not … Read more

NBA maps

This post collects the different posts about the qualitative analysis I’m doing about the NBA franchises. Today there are so much quantitative data about so many aspects of the game, but there is few information about other aspects of the game that are part of the day to day of a NBA team and that … Read more