Equation of innovation for a software product (b2c)

Background and purpose This Wardley map tries to visualize how innovation and learning process can potentially work on a software organization with a high amount of users. These type of organizations understand that the learning process and the acceptance of a controlled level of failure is key to face the uncertainly and finally innovate. I … Read more

Design Thinking Process

A process cycle based in a 5 stages: Empathize Define Ideate Prototype Test Empathize Objective: Understand customers’ needs Deep insight into what they need and expect from the solution/product Activities Engage with stakeholders Use innovative methods to collect information Understand the problem/need Record observation to answer what, how, and why Guidelines to follow: Adopt appropriate … Read more

Office365 on web

Today I started up my laptop and I found this message on all Office365 applications: The operating system is not presently configured to run this application So apart of looking into Internet for a solution and open a ticket to the service I have started to use all these applications through the web and some … Read more

Listen your customers

Listen your customers, they call it now Digital Transformation. The ability of an organization to discover, understand behavior patterns and then sell your products/services into that specific population is basically that. Tonnes of PowerPoint flood the web talking about this, but it takes time that organizations rationalize all the marketing stuff and really define a … Read more

Workshop on Digital Design

A nice workshop where some basis and theories about how the digital design influences on the decisions of a digital user. Presented by Brian Cugelman. Most of the participants were UX developers and consultants looking for the next pattern and ideas to improve their web and mobile applications. What motivates in a positive and negative … Read more

Taleo Search Engine

Have you tried to use the Taleo Search Engine? You enter different fields to look for different positions, but the engine does not work. I do not the reason, maybe is my computer, but I have tried in different places without success. On the other hand the way you can search is very limited in … Read more

Yahoo mail Beta

Do you use Yahoo mail? then you will be asked to move to a new faster and improved Yahoo email!! please do not accept the change to Yahoo mail Beta, it does not work  🙁 I cannot reply an e-mail. I cannot copy the body of the e-mail. It’s slower than the old one, I … Read more

Working on end-user adoption

We´re working on a project where a solution is implemented on SharePoint. Last week I was on customer office assisting to the presentation of the solution. Apart of the details related to the project, at the end of the meeting I had the opportunity to talk to them about the users and their feeling about … Read more