Apple product evolution

Disclaimer: this is not a Wardley map!! This is a graphic representation of the products commercialized by Apple, adding some information that helps us to gain perspective. I have classified them by the nature of software technologies, simplifying it too much. This is the graph: Each product has been represented since its first release till … Read more

Wardley maps, the payment war in the mobile app ecosystem

On this post I want to review several types of gameplays that Simon Wardley proposes on his book.  This post is the first one of entries I want to write about gameplays used in Wardley maps. I would like to write about simple examples that enable people to understand how the gameplays work and enable … Read more

Apple 1 trillion valuation

This week two relevant events happen: Apple reached 1 trillion valuation in stock. Who will be the second? Facebook jumped from 629B$ to 495B$ (on the picture, jump to 510B$). A link if technical events by date (in Spanish) :