How Machines Learn

This video is fantastic to understand clearly how machine learning works, It’s perfectly understandable that the industry has called it “machine learning” instead of “continuous back-testing of scalable algorithms”.

BTC Futures offered by CME group

I read this article and now I understand some of the things that are happening in the values of the crypto-currencies. CME group is offering the possibility to trade with Futures of Bitcoins CME group is owner of some of the largest and more relevant markets. It owns and operates large derivatives and futures exchanges in Chicago, New York City, and … Read more


This post is just notes and links about Large-Scale Scrum (LESS) and Scaled Agile Framework (SAFE): Scaled Agile Framework SAFE framework: SAFE 5.1 big picture video : Beware SAFe (the Scaled Agile Framework for Enterprise), an Unholy Incarnation of Darkness | by Sean Dexter | Medium Large-Scale Scrum LESS framework: Introduction video: … Read more


Taillin, Estonia, summer 2016, we arrived to the city and did the traditional tourism walk in the historical center. Taking some information and reading about what our book say about the city, it was clear the URSS influence on the city in their history. After that we went to the appartment we were going to … Read more


For my poor memory I will list some of the experiences I have had using Kraken. Configuration, set-up and deposit All work easily and quick Stop-loss They are deactivated since July or August of 2017, due to a overload of stop-loss was provoking that the triggers were not working. Maintenance Today I entered in the … Read more

Hedonismo ilustrado

A partir de este artículo de Marcos me puse a leer más cosas sobre el estoicismo, y por ende también he leído algo más para enteder el hedonismo ilustrado; por ejemplo este otro:

The happiness advantage

Seven principles of positive psycology that fuels success and performance at work, by Shawn Anchor. The Happiness Advantage says that people who are happy have a psychological advantage over people who are unhappy. One way to test this is through studies over time. Meditate. Find something to look forward to. Anticipate future rewards lights up … Read more

Paper trading

Paper trading is a stock market simulator. Tradingview enables you to work on paper trading in an easy way: it’s embeeded and you can launch the positions very easily. I have started to use it as part of the tests I’m doing. It has pros and cons. Pros It’s very clear and it’s very intuitive … Read more