Conversational ERP Series

I discovered this series of videos related to ERP. I have watched these ones: Lesson 1 – What is ERP  Lesson 2 – Inventory Strategies Lesson 3 – Manufacturing Modes Lesson 4 – Inventory Strategies & Manufacturing Modes Lesson 5 – ROI for ERP Lesson 6 – What else is included in ERP Lesson 6, … Read more

Guru99, python and more

There are so many tutorials about almost everything, this time I found this one: Guru99 Vision: Fun & Free Education for ALL Guru99 Mission: To bring all feasible courses , online. Python was the one who took the first look, but I went quickly to other tutorials. I am inmersed now on a SAP HCM project, so … Read more

Enterprise Applications on AWS: SAP

I can access to the Amazon Partner Network and some of the interesting stuff you can find there is training and product information. I did the one related to SAP, and there are some topics very interesting: SAP invites to use the BYOL (Bring your own License) model for creating environments into AWS. You can … Read more

The Future of SAP HR

I work with SAP HCM and I am always looking for the direction this solution is taking. I found this article that explains very well the situation of the product and the road-map. For me and my customer, the summary is: My customer can preserve SAP HCM till 2025, they are legally covered. SAP is … Read more

SAP from Unix to Linux

Reduce TCO again as reason to perform actions on a system. This is the reason to move from Unix to Linux. I learned about the project approach, and it’s already industrialized: Deliver the profile parameters of SAP environment. Export data using the export SAP standard R3Load. Request the software SAP (same version as original one). … Read more

SAP and their cloud journey

Some years ago SAP announced the creation of SAP Business By Design (BBD). This solution was created to gather the ERP needs for mid-size companies and be one piece of puzzle on the journey to move the SAP services to cloud based solutions (other are: successfactors for HR, Ariba for procurement). The relevancy of BBD … Read more

SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (SAP MII)

I have to gain some basic knowledge on SAP MII. To do it I was reviewing some basic information and looking for some business scenarios that help me to understand the whole thing. To understand the solution, just attend to the name: MII. Manufacturing, nothing to say here, Integration, it basically tries to integrate the … Read more

Mobility cannot be sold as stand alone solution

Mobile applications for corporations is a complex business. The decisions are being taken into so much perspectives and the situation of each company also has a big influence on it. The real question is not how to sell mobile solutions, the right question is how mobile solutions are purchased. Connectivity and web access, some years … Read more

SAP Landscape Transformation

I have assisted to a couple of sessions on SAP Landscape Transformation training, for the HCM split we have to perform. During the system split, we will migrate parts of the SAP HCM data of a system into a new system. After the conversion, the new system only contains the migrated SAP HCM data. Some … Read more

Talend ESB & SAP PI

I have been reading this technical note related to the integration of SAP data using open source data integration (Talend). The reason is because I have this situation. We provide support to a SAP HCM system that delivers the HR processes for UK. This includes the delivery of the HMRC report (Her Majesty’s Revenue and … Read more