Lesson 4, build a pilot

The curve of evolution of your final solution works very fast in the first month and you have the feeling that everything goes fast. But suddenly the evolution stops and you find in the middle of thousand of adjustments that makes you think: “butterfly effect box” is the right name for SharePoint. So build a … Read more

Lesson 3, development no, implementation

You cannot talk about development, just talk about implementation. SharePoint consultants are mainly clicking and clicking tabs and configuring the black box in different ways. Just one click in one place is going to completely change the behaviour of some aspect that you are going to hate it. You will face things like: if we … Read more

The weird call of the week

I have received a fun call Today: Me: what can I do for you? Other: I want to implement Reach on my client. Have you installed Reach on your client? Me: no, I have not done it. What do you mean? Other: someone told me you worked on Reach activities. Me: That’s true. But we have not … Read more

Wabi sabi

I have been some months working on this: http://www.wabisabi.com.es/ Finally I obtained the approval to move to production on 15 September. I write the date, because is something I want to remind, it will be useful for future. What was the most difficult thing to achieve this web page? To find a convenient hosting service? … Read more

Site Map generation

I have been reading how to improve the search of a web page and I found this that one of the points is to generate a site map file and publish it. I have built the site map using this web tool:  http://www.xml-sitemaps.com/ Many thanks

La Torre de la Canal Parda (2350 m.)

We climbed this mountain last on Sunday 25th September 2011. I need to remind the date. Eight hours and a half walking to go and back to the bus. Thank you so much to Amador and the other guys from Torrecerredo who helped us to go and back.  This is the route we took … Read more

Lesson 2, SharePoint is not Lotus Notes!

Our customer comes from Lotus Notes, they still have it. They are used to have everything they want as they want: I want a button here,…I want an specific work-flow there, I want this specific security in this corner of the screen…. We agreed to do not use Visual Studio, just SharePoint developer. The budget … Read more

Lesson 1, how is SharePoint behaviour

We received yesterday the acceptance of the first SharePoint project I have being involved with the customer I provide services. It has been an important experience for me in all terms. I have a list of lessons learned in my mind that I cannot even write. But I will try to do a polite short … Read more

SAP technical upgrade

Three weeks of fun working on a proposal for an assessment. The work to be done was just to estimate how to assess a SAP instance for being upgraded from a very old version to ECC.6 There is people who do this job everyday but it is not my case. So I’m happy to have … Read more