From Certain to Win by Chet Richards

Nice review of some of the concepts described by John Boyd in the context of business. Agility The essence of agility and applying Boyd’s ideas to any form of competition is to keep one’s orientation well matched to the real world during times of ambiguity, confusion, and rapid change, when the natural tendency is to … Read more

San Antonio Spurs

San Antonio Spurs is a NBA franchise that cannot be explained without mentioning his President and Head Coach Gregg Popovich. Since they picked Victor Wembanyama as #1 draft and they just extended Popovich for other 5 years, I think is a good moment to start reviewing how things evolve in this city of Texas. 2023 … Read more

Building a StoryBrand (by Donald Miller)

Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen I just finished this book, and before ending it I’m using the template proposed by the author to build a clear compelling message for potential customers. You can directly practice here:

Visualizing externalities

In the competitive space we find many companies doing a non-fair use of resources. You can call that is fair competition because it’s considered legal, but the reality is that that behavior is causing dramatic consequences. Let’s start with a basic Map A company manufactures a product and uses raw materials, energy and water (well … Read more

Trends no sense

When you look at summary reports as the one below where they unveil the net $xbn industry in the world. Take into account that the people writing decks about how AI will take your job, or how Blockchain will change the banking industry… They are doing to get noticed, and to position in the market … Read more

Year 6, Q3 Agent-Based Modeling

This quarter I want to focus on the evolution of the course “Acelera tu aprendizaje”. This course started in 2022 teaching during 2 sessions during 2 hours each, with some videos and an exercise between sessions. This format has been tested and has good things and bad things. In December I was thinking about the … Read more