Technical Debt Analysis

This is a set of conversations I had with Dave and Andrey about Technical debt, where we have been trying to explore the use of Estuarine Mapping. Session 1, starting the exercise We have defined some assumptions: We have started with a list of classic technical debt reasons, but after reviewing it, we have defined … Read more

Technical due diligences

Due diligences have different layers of work: financial, market value, people engaged in the company, etc. Technical side of the due diligences have evolved a lot and now there are many recipes but some consensus about what you should cover as minimum. The technical side of a due diligence is basically a health check of … Read more

DevOps: bottleneck analysis

Constraints evolve in a predictable way In the process of building software development there are many bottlenecks you can find. They are present and they disappear as we evolve and they work in a very similar way as the Theory of Constraints defines. The main bottlenecks you can find in software development are: In case … Read more

Process Mining at Celonis

While watching this event from Data Driven NYC called “Bootstrapping a Decacorn on $15k with Celonis CEO Alex Rinke“. I have been taking some notes and ended reading “Process Mining for Dummies” book. Basic actions on processes Celonis divides between: Engagement types: Mining Tools During the video Alex Rinke comment some important aspects about the … Read more

Beyond Budgeting

I have found this presentation really interesting: Some screenshots that I found interesting Solve the budget conflict: separate the purposes Managing cost, change of mindset is required Tools for cost Management