Gregg Popovich, el sargento de hierro

Llevaba tiempo buscando un libro sobre Popovich, los busqué en inglés, nada, en español, nada. De repente me entero de la existencia de esta publicación, de manera que lo compré de inmediato. La historia está bien narrada, pero a mi gusto le falta un poco de indagación en aspectos de su vida más cercana. Comprendo … Read more

Bikes in the offices

What do I have in a travel week So many of us travel often, we have a routine, and there are some basic things that are common to all of the work travelers. You arrive to an airport, go to the hotel, go to the office, come back to the hotel, and at the end … Read more


Este libro, se puede encontrar en Amazon, si solo aquí, y es la aventura de El Búfalo en su viaje desde Alaska a Nueva York en invierno. Es un libro divertido de leer y que te lleva a muy buen ritmo a través de sus aventuras. Si quieres leerlo, antes te recomiendo que veas videos … Read more

Linkedin Social Selling Index

Linkedin measures all your activities and it uses it for…. for everything. They call it: Social Selling Index, and you can check your here: Here is an example, the report it showed to me:  

PgMP certification

I have decided some weeks ago that for this quarter I was going to do something different. After 4 quarters investing time on trading, crypto-currencies, machine learning and blockchain it’s time to change. The challenge is to obtain the PgMP certification. Following the V2MOM model: Vision: Study, learn and prepare myself to obtain the PgMP … Read more

Digital Transformation blueprint

The digital transformation journey is complex and you can easily lose yourself looking for alternatives and going back and forth without results. What is what we call “digital”? Let’s start first on what is what everybody calls digital. The business is business and this has not changed, what has changed is the context, and by … Read more

Australia, New Zealand

Sometimes the live gives you opportunities and you do not know why you should not take them. This year it was one of them: visit Australia and New Zealand. Too many learns, livings and new experiences; these 2 countries are completely something different to what I have seen before, so it has been a great experience.

The new way

Now that I’m figuring out what to do next, and I’m having different discussions about where the things are going out, this picture came to my twitter, impressive,

Accelerated Solution Development

I’m working on an initiative that is following a different approach for building capabilities on a business unit. We call it “Accelerated Solution Development”. Major phases If you google it, you will find different similar approaches as this. This one follows the following steps: Discover, Prototype, Pilot, Scale. 1. Discover The objective is to understand … Read more