Sugar CRM configuring e-mail settings

During the configuration of Sugar CRM 6.0.3 I find one problem. I have created one user and after enter all information in the document.I click on “Reset Password”. After that, this message is shown: Please check: -SMTP Server URL and Port -SMTP Username and SMTP Password -Recipient Email Address -Your server status I have reviewed … Read more


I summarize some links I want to remind. I did a comment on a Glen B. Alleman’s post, Glen clarified me some differences on WBS and OBS that were explained in detail here. WBS is oriented to product and the earned value. OBS is oriented to people working on the project. The intersection between product … Read more

Dogs of the Dow

“Dogs of the Dow” or “High Yield 10” is a popular investment strategy that recommends buying the Dow stocks with the 10 highest dividend yields at the beginning of the year. The basic strategy suggests putting an equal amount of money into each of the 10 stocks; although there have been variations that include proportionate … Read more

APM, strategy & activities

I work on Application Portfolio Management activities in a simple way. The first thing is to assess the mix of applications and their value to business. The second thing is to determine the organization goals that in my case is mainly reduce the cost of applications maintenance and seek the most cost effective IT environment. … Read more

Installing Joomla Language Pack

I have faced some problems installing a language pack for Joomla. These are the actions to remind: 1.- Set “language” folder security from 644 to 777 2.- Set “administrator/language” folder security from 644 to 777 3.- Set “tmp” folder security from 644 to 755 4.- change in “configuration.php” from: var $tmp_path = ‘/home/xxx/domains/’; to: var … Read more

Time for holidays

I’m happy Today, I will go to my parents home tomorrow morning, almost one month of holidays after one challenging year, believe me. It has been crazy, but I have learnt a lot of important things. Now: Time for hobbies, Time for family, Time for friends, Time to write here, Time to imagine what can happen … Read more

Neighborhood association meetings

Today we had a meeting with the neighbourhood, in summary a perfect place to do not reach any agreement. It’s the perfect situation where 12 parts are not able to align the details of the same goal. It has been a good exercise to try to align all objectives, try to seek in what are … Read more