The World of videogames

This entry is made with the help of the Value Investing FM program , during the interview with Andrei Trucmel (Twitter @R_yZyy) and with the “Buy the Dip” program during the interview with @krevix (Twitter). Sorry the interviews are in Spanish. In case you want to read it in Spanish, you can do it here. … Read more

US debt to GDP forecast

The Peter G. Peterson foundation publishes different information about macro economic information. This time they published this picture: Interesting bet I want to remind in future. At the end of 2020 the debt was 27.5 T$ and the Debt to GDP ratio was 104% In 2030    

Blog statistics

I have been reviewing the visits of this blog and to be honest there is not anything interesting to highlight. This is the unique visits since 2012 (when I started to track visits): And these are the visits from 2020: What happened in 2020? I wrote this article about DIX and GEX Indicators, in October … Read more

Machine Learning Planning and architectures

There are multiple types of projects on machine learning, so the phases and steps are different. I will try to reduce to some basic type of projects. Basic project plans (main phases) Machine learning solution based on a Product Technology assessment = 2 – 3 days. Production trial = 8 – 12 days. Application deployment … Read more

Tuning a Machine Learning Model

I continue taking some basic notes of the book “Enterprise Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Managers“. Tuning a machine learning model is an iterative process. Data scientists typically run numerous experiments to train and evaluate models, trying out different features, different loss functions, different AI/ML models, and adjusting model parameters and hyper-parameters. Feature engineering … Read more

Maps and civilization

I have picked this book to learn about maps and improve my knowledge on cartography, and see if it helps on the deeper understanding of Wardley Maps. The amount and quality of data on the book is great and the author is so concise and direct, so you do not lose time reading extra pages that … Read more

Trading learning year 3

After a good 2019 learning about how to trade, this 2020 was fine in so many ways, that I would like to review. The math result? I did a 36%, 2020 started with $1.420,94 and ended with   $1.934,41 so the P&L was $513,47   or a 36,1% Total moves 188 wins 157     84% loses   31  … Read more