Move to a new version

To the question: When companies decide to move to a new version? Some sellers’ reply: when a new version is released, companies love, need, appreciate new features and capabilities of new versions. In other case, they can be loose competitive advantage. Some buyers’ reply: when the current version we have is not supported by the … Read more


I have finished some research where I’m looking for the use of an hybrid solution between SAP + MS-SharePoint.There are so many documentation available in our internal collaborative environment. In addition, to do not limit it to the “my company point of view”. I have found some interesting documents: 1.- SAP workflow approval in BPOS … Read more

Behind the Cloud

…The Untold Story of How, nice book for summer time, some of the chapters are really good, specially the ones related to marketing and sales, some other chapters are a little bit boring. What I liked the most has been: V2MOM model to create alignment: Vision, values, method, obstacles, measures. Marketing tactics. Clear vision … Read more

I Trial Valgrande-Pajares

This weekend I was participating in the first edition of the Trial Valgrande-Pajares. Distance 22 km, Ascent gradient: 1525 m Descent gradient: 1880 m Total gradient 3405 m I stopped the clock in 4:37:55. So slow, so slow!, I know. I did very well during the 3 first hours, but lack of training did the … Read more