Dimensions of dificulty

To remember for my poor memory: Why this table is relevant? When you are explaining complex models or concepts, it is interesting to divide the explanation of complex going from simple situations to a more complex ones. These degrees of difficulty can happen in many perspectives, and the table contains different view that could be … Read more

Senge’s laws of the Fifth discipline

In the book “The Fifth Discipline: The Art & Practice of The Learning Organization”, Peter Senge define a set of laws or truths, that leaders can use to guide themselves when dealing with organizations. The 11 laws

competitive Vs contextual positioning

In the context of product management for B2B there are two primary ways to do positioning: Positioning IT’s the act of choosing a reference point (anchor) for customers that helps them quickly understand your product. You anchor your product in one way or other. With competitive positioning, you “anchor” against a tool they use. “Don’t … Read more