Which Big consultancy will be first?

One day, if Wardley Mapping cross the chasm, it will be adopted by early majority and one of the mechanisms which will enable this will be through consultancies.

That’s a condition: Wardley Mapping has to cross the chasm, this cannot be taken for granted. It can happen or it cannot.

Diffusion layers do not come only from one group of people, it will come from different ones and the current players in the consultancy world cannot be ignored.

Consultancy companies (specially Big-4) have a moat to protect.

My bet is that they will create their own Intellectual Property on it, trying to be in possession of the method. It will be similar to what Amazon does with Open Source projects: they copy it, they do their own same fork and the stop publishing the new releases of that fork.

These are my bets:

  • Deloitte Strategic Mapping
  • PwC Value Mapping
  • EY Future Vision Maps
  • KPMG Dynamic Landscape Analysis
  • McKinsey Evolution Insights


My bet is something between 2028 – 2030

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