San Antonio Spurs

San Antonio Spurs is a NBA franchise that cannot be explained without mentioning his President and Head Coach Gregg Popovich. Since they picked Victor Wembanyama as #1 draft and they just extended Popovich for other 5 years, I think is a good moment to start reviewing how things evolve in this city of Texas. 2023 … Read more

Professional basketball evolution

The basketball teams evolves from different stages going back and forth depending on so many variables and factors. To understand better the evolution of the teams, I’m going to define a set of stages where each team can mainly fit. This will make the teams to evolve from one stage to others. These moves are … Read more

Thinking basketball

In the back side of the book you can read: Behavioral economics, traffic paradoxes and other metaphors highlight this though-provoking insight into the NBA and your own thinking. So I bought the book. Some remarks to remind Individual scoring is not replaced, it is redistributed. Look at the global impact of a player, not just … Read more

Offense triangle

The triangle offense was defined in detail by Tex Winter, and it has been one of the main tactics used by Chicago Bulls and LA Lakers during the years Phil Jackson was coaching these teams. So, it’s not a surprise to see NY Knicks using it. The system is basic, everybody knows it, the difficult … Read more

Red and me, Bill Russel

I was doing my visit to the Barnes & Noble store and I found this book, read some pages randomly and I decided to buy it. The behavior principles of a person, the way to evolve in a relationship with a person who came from a different world, team management, leadership, respect, how to align … Read more

Spurs Hammer

During the NBA final series there has been a move which has been mentioned so much in the forums and on the TV, it is the Hammer, which belongs to the Zipper Series of the Spurs playbook. This is really aesthetically pleasant move; and very difficult to implement, by the way.