Bike A-Thon next June 11th

Third time I’m supporting the American Cancer Society. I acquired my dorsal to participate during this bike route from Philadelphia to Atlantic City (66.5 miles). If you want to donate, you can do it here. Many thanks

Plan transicion a barefoot

Este es el plan de transición a barefoot que voy a utilizar. Contiene varias rutinas que quiero tener claras cuando las haga: El plan de iniciación de 12 semanas FR – Sesión Foam Roller (los tiempos son por cada pie) Masaje pelota de tenis (5′) Rodillo, liberar pantorrillas (1′ – 3 veces) Rodillo, liberar pantorrillas … Read more

New old bike

This is a new bike that I will be using to ride across the Adelaide mountains. The goal is clear: be in shape to travel to Ainsa at the end of September, and enjoy a week riding with my friends. I need to do some minor adjustments, but nothing relevant (by the moment).

III Maratón MTB ciudad de Tarifa

Family traveling, me preparing the vacations to the Pyrenees mountains, and suddenly the possibility to ride this race. For sure I’m still far away of the shape I need for the Pyrenees, but this was a good check point to know how I was. The total distance, taking into account the launched start was 62.17 … Read more

Bike-a-thon Bridge to the Beach, 2017

Last year we did the ride from Philadelphia to Atlantic City, this year we repeated. The weather this time was better and we completed the distance at 13.30. We stopped a lot and we were talking to so much people during the whole journey. So when we arrived to Atlantic City, we were in better … Read more

Man Boobs

Daryl Morey joined the Rockets as General Manager in 2006 with the idea of launching data-driven decision-making on the team. This included the draft elections. In 2007 they already had their first model. His first choice was a 22-year-old boy who surpassed the rest in that model. A picture of this guy was found with … Read more

Bike-a-thon Bridge to the Beach

Last Sunday I participated on this ride organized by ACS (American Cancer Society). Between the route and the road to home we did 120 kms, which is not a bad distance with the temperature and the humidity we had. The route itself has interesting parts with nice views and some others that are a little … Read more