Learning about mid-range activities

V2P process Virtual to physical migration or V2P, is the process where you can migrate an existing virtual machine and migrate its files and configurations into a physical machine. The team is doing it because there are business needs that cannot be done with the VMware farm: this has to be upgraded and the procedure … Read more

Doing a project definition

I have been working on a project definition during these last 4 weeks. The result was very well accepted by the customer. What did I do in a different way? I added a lot of perspectives related to the client responsibilities and when they were called to participate in the different activities. I used an … Read more

Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)

During the work with the Logistics business unit, we are helping them to get the AEO certification. The obtention of this certification has a great value for their business: it allows them to access to some simplification during the custom process. http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/customs/policy_issues/customs_security/aeo/index_en.htm Member States can grant the AEO status to any economic operator meeting the following common … Read more