RPA on wordpress

There is still not an RPA that could be installed and run on WordPress. I hope very soon there is someone that works on that and enable the automation of processes!!Some years ago the existence of a e-commerce solution on WordPress was not possible, but today is a reality, a very strong competitor for small players.

In the era of Big-data, we consume opinions, isn’t it ironic?

Before there were “serious” press and tabloids, now I don’t know how to find the difference, they all seem to be tabloids. Almost everything on newspapers are opinions and there is little “data”.

Today is the international day of the press without borders and to celebrate Reporters Without Borders is enabling access to certain websites in countries where they are inaccessible; I think is a nice initiative by the way.

But next year I want to propose they will launch a campaign to recover “the verified data”, at least in the Spanish press.

Another idea that comes to my mind is that press could notify in a given news the percentage of data and the percentage of opinion. In the same way than the food describes the % of ingredients and add the % daily recommended amount, I would like to see when I read a newspaper the percentage  “data” and the percentage of “opinion” in a given news.

Imagine!, in this way  I can know if my quota of daily tabloids reading is covered.

Quality of Data Disclaimer

Quality of Data Disclaimer

Give me the data, and I will build my own opinion!

Banks and software companies

Imagine a bank that offers you a saving money application linked to your account, with different methods as kakebo, denying you to buy something if you surpassed the limit.

They can organize that information, analyze it, build risk assessments on the market, sell the data… Whatever!

Banks should start to compete in the digital arena more aggressively to avoid others to take their business. They should take seriously what is going to happen in 5 – 10 years.

A mobile Application for avoiding orthographic errors

Orthographic errors are more and more usual. I see them everywhere, specially in social places (Facebook, twitter, Whats-app…). If you add that the person is using the mobile phone, then, the orthographic fault is certainly common.

Turn actions into games is a proven tactic to promote habits. So I imagine an application installed your mobile, with the following behavior:

  • You can activate on certain applications of your son, for instance whats-app.
  • There is an enable / disable code to avoid this is disabled by the kid.
  • If the user writes in the right way, the application gives bonuses to the behavior: reward in terms of time (10 seconds).
  • If the user writes with faults, there is a penalty to the user.
  • Once the user commits 5 faults, the application (in this example: Whats-app) is blocked for 5 minutes, minus the bonuses you accumulated (for instance 5 minutes – 2 bonuses of 10 seconds = 4 minutes and 40 seconds).
  • To reinforce knowledge, during the penalty time, the user can play to a simple quiz, that gives rewards of 3 seconds.
  • After the blockage, you can continue using the application.

Probably this application or a similar one exist!!!!

Shark tank for project management

Five successful business people in the same room with a video camera, entrepreneurs with their projects come in and face the challenge to convince with its project and get a deal with some of them. chat-with-shark

Exposure, this is the first thought that came to my mind the first time I watched this show. You take your personal project and your credibility and you put there in front of these guys who play to try dismantle your small sand castle.

This is not enough, in the country of the merchandising combined with the new era media consumption, tonnes of content is being created, ways to meet a “shark”, etc. Everything to capitalize the value of their core business.There are a lot of intelligence behind the business tips and directions proposed by these guys, offered for free on the TV, Podcasts , videos….

My imagination takes me to theimmediate idea: why do not to do a similar show with project management?. I now “sequels were never good”.

Anyway, imagine five successful project managers evaluating a set of projects every… two weeks?, reviewing major advances, issues, decisions, metrics (behind the schedule, EAC…), challenging to the PM to make decisions and evaluating as a Delivery Assurance on TV.

We just need a name for the TV show 🙂


Nowadays it’s an overused word, you will find corporation speeches using this word 50 times because it shows a dynamic organization that is leading the market. Almost everybody is used to read between lines these corporate speeches, and you can feel that the use of the rhetoric is excessive: “hey guy!, isn’t that an oxymoron?”

Ideas that changes the market, such as accessibility, functionality, price, style, whatever that makes the market to change.

Learn from history is key to understand the importance of innovation, Toynbee’s theories about civilizations describes how civilizations prosper when they effectively motivate their population to creatively contribute to society. When creative capacity dissipates the civilization begins its descents.

Linkedin, reinventing the market

Imagine you are the HR lead for a big organization. You know Linkedin is the more used professional network used by the employees. This network manages candidates appliances for other companies (mainly your competitors).

And then, you want to know:

  • how many of your employees are applying to jobs in other companies,
  • which countries shows more people looking for a new job outside your organization,
  • which roles are the most common ones,

Linkedin has that information, that’s for sure, the questions they probably have done to themselves could be:

  • is there market for that information?
  • is it licit to sell that information?
  • how much valuable is it?
  • what could be the price of it?

Closing the year

2011 is finishing. It’s the first time in 7 years that I stay in the same position during 2 years. It has been important to be here for 2 years, this last one is very challenging and I required time to achieve it well.

New challenges are coming, I have to think about them during Christmas vacations. As usual, so many doubts, so many questions, so many things in my mind.

This challenge is not just a job change, it goes with personal changes and this add complexity to the decision.

Let’s see how it works.

By the moment, time to be busy doing other things: