When delivery happens

Last was a pleasant week, why? the delivery happened. After one week of bug and fixing we deployed the application and the time response was very good in general. The customer had a lot of concerns with this point and the percentage of functionality we covered is going up. On other services there were some … Read more

Vendor complaints process

I’m looking for an standard process for the management of the vendor complaints. I have found some documents in the internet, the more interesting one is this, that has helped me to understand what could be the scope of the process. But, is there somebody who know if there is a standard guide or best … Read more

Funny situation, the queen of ambiguity

This is the excellent e-mail I have received today about a problem of a project: ——————————————–Hello, we’ve a big problem with the project XXXX. In module YYY the basis functionality isn’t covered. The users need the possibility to filter on every field. As John (joapen: John belong to my team no to customer’s team) explained … Read more

Destroy the 10% of your job

The idea I want to mention today is not something new. You can read tons of literature about it. The stuff is related to the continuous changes we live in our jobs. There’s a rule that google made popular that was the 80/20 rule, where you let 20% of an employee free to let him/her … Read more

Assessing my portfolio

Identifying the applications needs of the portfolio, I’m basically facing these situations: You have to reassess the current conditions of an application and decide if to enhance it or remove it. You decide to retire an application in order to minimize the cost. You need to renew an application for keeping it flexible or to … Read more