Assessing my portfolio

Identifying the applications needs of the portfolio, I’m basically facing these situations:

  • You have to reassess the current conditions of an application and decide if to enhance it or remove it.
  • You decide to retire an application in order to minimize the cost.
  • You need to renew an application for keeping it flexible or to perform functional needs.
  • You have an application (probably key) that you need to redevelop to minimize risks, improve structural capabilities or increase functional capabilities.
For all these assessments, what I basically do is to ask myself different questions:

  • Is the application easy to use? easy to learn?
  • Does it well with the way work is done?
  • Does it cover all the needed functionality?
  • Does it help us to be productive and efficient?
  • Can be easily adapted by the user to meet evolving requirements?
  • Are the technical conditions the right ones?
  • Is the application support cheap/expensive?

It requires a lot of knowledge in terms of the customer and end user vision.

I work a lot on this point of view in order to do not fail in the “IT geek” perspective.

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