Twitter bots

Yesterday I posted a tweet with 5 comments. Around 10 min later, 5 likes, 1 per comment. All comments done by different “Cora” (with 5 to 20 followers each one) Is is common for you guys?

LLMs are the new version of nuclear power.

I continue reading about LLMs and the potential power it has. And I have the feeling the LLMs are the new version of Nuclear Power. I would summarize the current situation as this: Many people is astonished about the potential of these technologies, but almost nobody is thinking about the consequences of it (few people). … Read more

LLMs and jobs good or bad?

During the last months there is a great debate about the disruption of LLMs (large language models) and the impact on many fields. One of these fields is jobs. You can read comments in basically 2 directions: Ok, good, on this context, I do not how to react, I still have not a strong opinion … Read more

Amazon Tours

Today I did the virtual tour offered by Amazon. In Spain is an event where you visit some sections of Barcelona, Madrid and Sevilla fulfilment centers. It’s very interesting for understanding some basic things about how the work is divided, structured and industrialized to the limit. You just see what’s being done in the fulfilment … Read more

Deep learning evolution

Evolution happens in different waves of diffusion and deep learning is not an exception. I add this time-line to remind how it evolved, and how the co-evolution of technology has been necessary to enable to end the “neural winter” lived during almost 20 years.