Kick-off meeting, a day to rest

Today we conducted the kick-off meeting for a project. This SAP technical upgrade starts next week after an assessment process and the feeling has been: how beautiful calm we have experienced Today in comparison with the assessment process, where the stress was present in almost all the areas of evaluation. Will do have a please … Read more

Bye Bye blogger

I did a decision one month ago and it was to move this blog to a different place. Why? why not.. These are my thoughts and my notes, no more.

Lessons learned, SAP Technical upgrade assessment

This assessment has been a very accurate exercise for defining the right approach for the technical upgrade, the reasons? Our customer wants to save money on the project. They want to understand how much can be saved in terms of infrastructure investment. They want to fit the solution with their SAP environment, looking for potential … Read more

What a customer looks for?

Suddenly I’m your customer, what am I looking for? You are prepared: do you know your/my industry, you know the business processes, what is/isn’t valuable for us, our priorities, our business initiatives. You know my company: who we are, how we approve/reject projects, where we are investing, who is who. You demonstrate initiative: Be proactive … Read more

Michael Page Salary studies

I have found a salary study in Michael Page web site. I have done the exercise of comparing some standard role as Project Manager in different countries and the differences are interesting. For sure these are general reports, but is always good to have references

Account reconciliation Process

This is something we have been working on during last 2 months with a good degree of knowledge for us. First step was to define groups of requirements we cover with the existing tool and the desired requirements. Data integration (from SAP, from different sources of information, integrity of new data, ) Configuration & Support … Read more

My toolkit

Toolkit I have been using these 2 last years is being different to the one used in the past. Now I work with: Pipeline file Risk & opportunity plan Agenda and contact list Forecast sheet for teams Rolling forecast sheet Capabilities sheet Control book by Asset Id and portfolio Allocations sheet P&L files Imagination Something … Read more


We have been working on this opportunity during more than one year. There was an assessment phase as first stage.After this assessment phase there is potentially the technical upgrade project. The negotiations activities done and the way we have adapted our proposal to the customer requirements have been the necessary ones that have made that … Read more