REACh, Communication Center

Part of being Reach compliance is the communications you need to registry and organize. All this work requires you ask initially all these questions: Which kind of communications do I need to perform? Which stakeholders are involved in these communications? How am I go to perform them? How am I go to manage the answers? … Read more

no Creative updates for Live Cam Notebook + Linux

I continue without being able of using my “Creative Live Cam Notebook” on my Ubuntu. I have tried to get the the drivers from the Creative Web site. This is the answer: “… You have selected Live! Cam Notebook and Linux. To receive support for a different product, click here. Sorry, no Creative updates are … Read more

Avoiding the responsibility

From some months ago I have a new resource in my Team. A person who landed softly in all our internal procedures and that in few time was producing with a very high performance. A person who can get a problem,talk with the customer and perform the whole cycle of a enhancement alone. With it, … Read more

Gantt Weaknesses

Reading the Harold Hezner book, I have discovered a interesting section about Gantt Charts limitations. Basically these are: Do not show the interdependencies of the activities, and therefore do not represent a “network” of activities. Cannot show the results of either an early or late start in activities. Do not represent the true project status … Read more

From "mushroom management" to "light"

During this year one of my goals have been to change completely the management style adopted in the GHPAT. I assumed this role in an atmosphere where all people was misinformed and nobody knows nothing. There was not opportunity to delegate nothing all was centralized in the previous person in charge and from outside to … Read more

Strategic in SIEFs

Some guidelines about the strategy to follow when working in SIEFs, This is a BA work related with all existing processes. Define the changes on the Processes can be easy, integrate the changes can be hard. Define guidelines, objectives and strategy. Develop communication objectives. Participate in SIEFs. Advise businesses on interaction and key decision on … Read more