Making investment decisions on a map

In what parts of the organization should I invest? This is something that comes from common sense (the less common of the senses). And it is that the understanding of the business priorities, the purpose of the company, the context where you are in a given moment, etc. all that is going to be part … Read more

Bike A-Thon next June 11th

Third time I’m supporting the American Cancer Society. I acquired my dorsal to participate during this bike route from Philadelphia to Atlantic City (66.5 miles). If you want to donate, you can do it here. Many thanks

Maps of bounded rationality

Maps of bounded rationality is the title of a paper written by Daniel Kahneman I want to remember. In his book Thinking, fast and slow, this diagram is not included, and it’s a pity because it’s so useful:

Twitter shop

Today I realized you can shop in Twitter: There are 2 main time lines right now in Twitter: The shop is offered when you look for something and there are products offered. Let’s see how these products are shown in other sides of Twitter. More than probably the shopping options will be offered in the … Read more

Twitter’s API restricted

Other move of Twitter related to content & access restriction: the APIs. Popular 3rd party Twitter clients (i.e.: Tweetbot, Twitterrific, Echofon…) stopped working on January 12 Many questions around this move Popular third-party Twitter clients such as Tweetbot, Twitterrific, Echofon, AltTextUtil and AltTxtReminder stopped working at around 11 PM ET on Thursday, January 12. Updated Wardley map The different … Read more

Neo4j Fundamentals

Neo4j Fundamentals is a good way to understand the basis of this graph database management system  that now is becoming a graph data platform. Neo4j bloom Neo4j Bloom is a graph exploration application for visually interacting with graph data. Cypher Query Language Cypher is a query language that lets you retrieve data from the graph.

Guidance to a Manufacturing Operations Lead

Context Manufacturing operations lead that is overloaded by lack of planning on the evolution of his own role in a scenario of fast growth. Purpose Provide guidance about how to identify, and decide how to articulate his responsibilities in the fast growing scenario they have. Results Provide basic knowledge on Wardley Mapping: