Laberinto de los jardines del Guadalquivir

En Sevilla, en los jardines del Guadalquivir, hay un laberinto, el cual es muy divertido para los niños. Usé una foto antigua para hacer un mapa del laberinto con distintas marcas. Yo les escondo a los niños algo en algunos de los puntos del mapa para que ellos después los vayan buscando. Cuando han sido … Read more

Kirton Adaptation-Innovation Theory

In Wardley Maps we have Pioneers, settlers and town planners model, where it’s recognized the need of having people organized not only by their capabilities, but by their attitudes too. Looking for other stuff, I just found the the Kirton Adaptation-Innovation Theory where there are 3 attitudes identified: innovators, bridges and adaptors. Main point is: … Read more

Year 4, Q4 more books

During Q3 I have focused on the writing a couple of books: One notebook about Wardley maps. One book about all happened with Ariel during these 23 months. They are in progress and I want to finish them The plan So the V2MOM for this quarter will be: Vision: Complete, review and publish the books before the end of … Read more

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