I started this positions some months ago, I read about the company, about the valuation and how things were running in the sector, so I decided to open a long position on it. After some months with 3 long events the margin was so bad that was over the limit to the protection of my … Read more

Trade on Lyft

Abstract Reason to Long = Fall after Q4 results. Results fine, forecast defensive. Target = > 0,8% of long size. Strategy: fall after Earning results. Use of 2 or 3 slots. Table Evolution 14/February: second long executed. Outputs Reason to Short = To be completed How was short? = Sell order, Stop-loss order or stop-profit Postmortem … Read more

The New Trading For a Living

This book written by Alexander Elder is a fantastic way to start learning trading. I learn a lot from Systematic Trading about how to be systematic and how to manage your portfolio. But with this book I learn the different types of trading, how to focus on the behavior, how to build your own habits … Read more

The perfect trade

Alexander Elder in the book “The new Trading for a Living” comments that you have to know what are the type of trades you want to perform and what are these the perfect moves you are chasing. So, here is the list of moves and data: Moving average Crossover tactic: Dividend King Stumble (tropezón de … Read more

Visual perspectives on economics

There is a web that I review from time to time that is very interesting for learning and gaining perspective of what’s happening: this other one makes similar analysis: