Program organization and its own transformation

Programs evolve as all in life, mainly because the different phases of a program requires different skills, teams, and resources. We go from a high degree of ambiguity in the inception phase, progressing and gaining shape during the definition, moving to a delivery mode during the execution and “get the job done” during the closing. … Read more

How to play the game, position and move

Position and move are essential information you need to put in place a strategy. The strategy is put in place through attacking and defensive actions. In this case, the customer wants to reduce the number of vendors on IT space. We have classified the different vendors depending if they are tier-1, tier-2, tier-3. The picture … Read more

Behavioral attributes on program management

Cranfield University did a research related to behavioral attributes of the leaders when working on programs. The summary table of this research is added to the Managing Successful Programs book. Attitude and aptitudes of leaders are summarized in a scale from 1 to 4, where 4 represents more awareness and capacity to lead the complexity … Read more

Twitter Vs Facebook

Twitter just announced that they are removing the 140 characters for direct messages. To me as user this means they become a clone of Facebook. Which of the main things you do in Facebook cannot be done in Twitter? Facebook did a move adding the possibility of replying to replies, so the replies are more … Read more

Lotus Notes Workspace

I need to remind this “how to”; when LN client fails after entering the password it is because something weird is happening in the cache. You can remove Cache.NDK and, at least in my case, it worked.

In honour of stupid people

I found this picture in this web, and I personally find it very funny. Things as “this bottle of milk can contain milk” makes me laugh about how stupid human race can be. Legal department will tell you that these type of sentences are here to protect us of potential sues. This culturally comes from … Read more

El mejor tirador de la historia

Este articulo recoge un estupendo resúmen sobre la evolución del tiro exterior y sobre los actores principales de esas épocas. Es un artículo muy extenso y que anota muchos detalles y elementos a tener en cuenta sobre la importancia de este aspecto del juego en el baloncesto.

The essential advantage, coherence

The essential advantage defines coherence as a resolute, clear minded focus in a company on three critical elements: Its way to play its most distinctive capabilities its lineup of products and services The better aligned these three elements, the more coherent company. There are four basic, specific, observable ways in which coherence generates value. Effectiveness … Read more

Pivotal alliances

The ability to establish partnerships and execute them with a long term win-win strategy is not an easy aspect of the business. Pivotal has a clear road-map for partnerships and reach the final customer thanks to their partners. 2013 EMC & Pivotal: starting on specific deals: GE Joins EMC and VMware in a Joint Venture … Read more